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Business Turnaround

The success of a turnaround is dependent upon the speed at which the Turnaround Consultant can gather information and diagnose the problem(s); then act quickly to prescribe appropriate ‘medicine’ and follow up with an effective, and the lasting implementation of, a rescue and recovery plan.

The plan will invariably involve radical, rather than incremental, change. The delivery of this change will encompass the use of traditional and holistic management skills.

The plan must be robust but not try to tackle every problem in the sick company. The limited resources usually available should be focussed on “mission critical” issues.

The turnaround assignment always begins with a diagnostic review, which helps to establish the position of the company and so determine the feasibility of a turnaround, as opposed to the company’s liquidation or sale.

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.


Every entrepreneur should have a mentor — someone who’s been down that road before and can share their wisdom on an ongoing basis. Learn about the value of mentoring, finding a mentor, and how to get the most out of your mentoring experience.


Organisations are complicated and, if you are thinking about changing one, it helps to have a framework that directs your thoughts to the right places. Academics have identified seven interdependent variables with an organisation that contribute to the development of a framework – structure, strategy, systems, staff, skills and shared


These remind the owner manager how difficult it is to successfully guide and grow a business without proper regard for the many variables that contribute to planning

a meaningful strategy.


Time to time, an organisation will need to raise funding to support and grow the business. Our team can guide and help prepare documentation to support an application.