“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

John Lennon

Business Advisors and Turnaround Consultants

We have one focus .. your business

Many consultants make the mistake of thinking that their job is only about the business content of any project they are engaged in. Business consulting should be a helping process emerging from a personal relationship established between the client trying to solve a problem or develop a plan and the consultant using his skills and knowledge to create a solution.

We have an experienced team keen and able to help deliver your solutions.

Business planning

The business planning process is essential to the success of any business. Many guides and templates are available for completing a plan, developing a comprehensive plan is difficult and requires skill and experience to deliver a plan suitable for the audience it is aimed for.

Call out team and lets us demystify the process and help deliver the right plan.


All organisations need meaningful and regular management information in order to successfully manage their operations.

A poor accounting system that does not deliver accurate and timely information is a risk to the long-term success of that organisation. It needs to be robust and conform to legal requirements.

The help of professionally qualified members of our team will help to install the correct accounting platform for your organisation.